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Art of Love kit
Intimate art experience with the one you love
Art of Love kit
Intimate art experience with the one you love
Perfect gift
The art of love is a perfect gift for weddings, birthdays, or the average weekday. The adventurous couple in your life will love creating, and create love..
Unique Home decor
The art of love is a gift that keeps on giving. Why purchase expensive paintings with which to adorn your home when you can paint them yourself, and enjoy doing it? These special creations add character and culture in any interior layout..
Kit includes 10’ x 12’ plastic tarp to protect surfaces. Also includes two pairs of disposable slippers, and a soft mesh body scrubber. Paint is washable and non-toxic..
The kit includes:
  • Directional booklet

  • 2x3 m plastic painters drop cloth to protect surfaces from paint splatters

  • 1 x 1.5 m specially treated black/whiite/cream cotton canvas

  • 100 ml bottle of specially formulated non-TOXIC, natural paint
  • Two pairs of disposable slippers

Photo from our best customers
  • Megan
    "It is hard to find something to suprise my husband. After being married for 16 years...this was the perfect thing. It was a v-day gift and a great way to start off the evening. Spread the ink in a heart shape before "painting" and happy with the results. Though I could have just done a DIY version, I'm glad I bought it because the canvas was treated and the ink was dark enough to look good but still wash off well. Washing up was fun too!"
  • Aisie
    "This was a FABULOUS and very fun way to get close and creative intimately with my wife ... highly recommend this for lovers. The "clean up" after was as much fun as creating the art. Memorable moments. And now we have a lasting piece of art that will remind us of something very special. LOVE this!!!!!!!! The added bonus is that it will have people guessing what it is for years to come. :-)"
  • Kristie
    "I gave this to my boyfriend in parts, first day the booties, next day the scrubby, next day plastic, next day the canvas, next day the paint- all with the labels taken off so he had no idea what it was, then on his birthday- our 2 year, I gave him the directions....keep him looking forward to it as much as I had been waiting for the day to get it. We loved it we put the pain on in 4 different spots in the shape of hearts and it turned out amazing!!!! I love it, best of all is when we have people over and they look at the painting and ask were it's from and we look at each other and smile and say "garage sale" hahah its out inside joke that will never end... I love it!!!!!"
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